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October 18, 2005 - Mother Earth Tobacco is Manitoba’s first manufacturer and wholesale distributor of organically grown tobacco. It is produced and sold specifically for ceremonial purposes. It is located on Long Plain First Nation in Portage la Prairie Manitoba.

Mother Earth Tobacco company missions and goals are:

• Provide First Nations People with 100% pure, authentic tobacco for ceremonial use

• Provide First Nations People with a alternative to current tobacco

• Increase economic growth in First Nations Communities

Distribute a product that is environment friendly

• Support farmers who farm in environmentally responsible ways

• Support local and small businesses

Mother Earth Tobacco purchases certified organic tobacco in raw leaf form. The leaf is then manufactured into pipe tobacco which is geared toward Ceremonial use.

Depending on the certifying body, to be certified organic means, tobacco must undergo extensive testing criteria. For example, the land must be free of pesticides and chemicals for at least three years prior to the first sowing date. Further, the farmer must grow tobacco without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Fertilizers used on the product and field are natural. Farmers’ crops need to be rotated regularly so as to avoid depleting soil nutrition.

There are also tremendous environmental benefits to producing and using certified organic tobacco. Pesticide/chemical-free farming reduces green house gas production, increases soil productivity, reduces direct exposure of farmers to toxic chemicals, increases the natural presence of beneficials and also reduces toxic waste that flows in streams and rivers.

Mother Earth Tobacco is interested in providing opportunities to First Nations Members. We are committed to hiring local First Nations People and to subcontracting to First Nations companies when available.

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For more information contact:
Tannis Bullard & Lise Legal
Mother Earth Tobacco
Phone: (204) 239-4490 Fax: (204) 239-4192


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